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Quantitative software solutions

Interest rate risk reporting

Tailor made risk modeling and valuation tools

Field of expertise

Optimum Prime is a Dutch software development company that provides specialized financial solutions to valuate and calculate risk for OTC derivatives. 

We aim to bring information to our customers that is essential to make informed decisions in their risk management and trading strategies. 

Our solutions are tailor made and based on open source quantitative libraries. This leads to a highly adaptable framework to customize both the quantitative models details and interfacing (GUI, Python, Excel or API). 

By embracing an open source development philosophy our clients own their own quantitative software and are in full control of the change calendar.


Optimum Prime offers full support to keep the software up to date and to implement model changes to adapt to market conditions.

Our Team

Our Quantitative developers have extensive experience in FI, FX, IR, inflation and equity asset classes, both linear and non-linear products and valuation adjustments. With over 30 years of experience working for large international banks, corporates, pension funds and insurers we understand the challenges our clients are facing everyday. We are very proud to work with this group of amazing people.

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